From Sunrise to Moonlight, Heavenly Drinks & Savory Bites.

Our Mission
We aim to quench our clients’ savoury appetites from early mornings to late nights.
We always strive to be a destination of choice for coffee, food and drinks, with clever, inspiring and quality menus.

Our Vision
We desire to meet all our customers’ needs making their experience comfortable, bespoke and indulgent.
We work hard to be a succesful casual coffee shop and eatery known for its unique menu, quality products and desirable venue environment.

Our Values
UNIQUE – A new concept of merging a coffee house, an eatery and a bar.
DIVERSE – Carries signature products but caters for all demographics. It accompanies you throughout the day.
QUALITY – Never loses focus on product quality and always looks to try new things.
EVOLVING – Always looking to develop better products and services.