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In Beirut one thing is for sure: you are never alone. When most of the time, people can agree that two is company, at Room For Three, they know that three is a party.

It’s in the spirit of Beirut, the city that never sleeps, rests or stops, that room for three always finds a will to party.

The café-bar was designed in a way, to principally pay homage to Beirut by creating a space reminiscent of its golden days; a hangout that reflects the city’s essence and unique sense of style and simplicity.

So once you check-in your pretenses at the door, you will find yourself enjoying a delicious time. Whether you’re there for herbal infusions, coffee, or for a stronger choice of artisanal cocktails and single malts,

Room For Three has got you covered. Room For Three also serves a delicious selection of freshly prepared salads, casseroles, sandwiches and desserts. Their menu is meticulously prepared by unique recipes that will undoubtedly keep you coming back.

And, because these guys know how stressful working Wednesdays can be, they are giving you something to look forward to half way through your week by transforming the bar into a fantastic setting that offers a wide selection of aperitifs and nibbles. Of course, the live DJ set goes without saying.

So, what will it be; company or a party? #RoomForThree